Monday, May 18, 2015

May I Travel...

May has been a pretty busy month so far, traveled some for work and spent the weekends at the garden. One more week of work and I'll be off on a week-long vacation! =) Before I get piled up with photos and videos from the upcoming trip, I shall do a quick update of the first 2 weeks of May. 

May 3 (Sun): Attended hubby's UAH graduation at Von Braun Center. 

Proud of hubby for graduating with Masters in Biological Science!! 

Pool party at the parent's place to celebrate right after the ceremony!!

Great times with family and good food!! 

May 5 (Tues): Drove to Atlanta for a 1-day training. Tried my first Char Koey Teow here...close enough, can't complain. =) 

May 8 (Fri): Went to the parent's place after work to continue our part-time job of being!! Garden is lookin' great and had our first harvest - fresh radishes!!

Celery regrowing 11 and 21. Unfortunately, the outer layers of the celery started rotting and fell off when I moved it to another pot yesterday. Still hoping that it will survive but we'll see how it goes for the next few days. 

May 16 (Sat): Went to the garden yesterday to pull some weeds and looks like everything is growing well! =)

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