Friday, February 26, 2016

10-Days Backpacking in Central Europe - Trip Report

10 days, 4 countries, 8 cities...finally completed blogging about our Central Europe Winter Trip after 2 months. Here's a summary of all the blog posts for this trip:
Hubby and I spent about 3 months planning for this trip and we're glad everything went smoothly according to the plan. For those who are interested in backpacking around Central Europe, here's our itinerary for reference. =) 

Our route map

And if you're wondering how much we 'splurged' for this 10-days trip, here's our expense of approximately $1,250/pax. I can't say this is really on a budget but considering that we were traveling during the holiday season, our budget is actually quite reasonable. As you can see, the largest expense was for flight tickets. And we saved quite a good bit on accommodation thanks to the 3 free nights with hotel points.

Accommodation (2-pax):
Innsbruck (1-night Airbnb) - $75
Salzburg (3-nights Yoho Hostel) - $155
Vienna (3-nights Hotel Vienna South) - $0 (30,000 Hilton points)
Prague (2-nights Airbnb) - $85

Transportation (per person):
Munich airport to Munich Hbf (Train) - €12.40
Munich to Innsbruck (Bus) - €8
Innsbruck airport to Innsbruck Hbf (Bus) - €2.70
Innsbruck to Salzburg (Train) - €14
Salzburg to Berchtesgaden (Bus) - €9.80
Salzburg to Hallstatt (Bus) - €15.50
Hallstatt Ferry - €2.50
Hallstatt to Vienna (Train) - €19
Vienna to Bratislava (Train) - €16
Vienna to Prague (Train) - €19
Prague to Frankfurt airport (Train) - €49

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