Friday, April 22, 2016

Spring Gardening Season

Spring's here and I like it!! Nice weather, blue skies, flowers blooming and everything feels more lively with colors! =) Clockwise: View from the parent's, our house, and my work place.

Spring also marks the beginning of gardening season! Learning from our experience last year, instead of planting a lil' bit of everything, we're gonna focus on 7 crops this spring...broccolis (for stir-fry), tomatoes (for tomato soup), zucchini (for zoodles), corn, carrots, cucumber (for pickling) and watermelon.

Apr 4 (Mon): Had a break from traveling all of April but no break on the weekends. Weekend job = gardener. Transplanted the broccolis to the garden. P.S. I wasn't just taking photos, I was also working hard, just that nobody took photos of me working...haha! :P

Apr 10 (Sun): 2nd batch of planting.

Call me nerdy but I had fun making the DIY labels from recyclables and mapping out the garden 'floor plan'!! If you think this is nerdy, wait till you see my Google!

Below are chronological updates on the progress for each of our plants...


Feb 7 (Day 1): Started the broccolis from seeds.

Mar 12 - Apr 4 (Day 34-57): Growth progress for our broccolis.

Apr 10 (Day 63): 6 days after transplanting, broccoli looking kinda weak with not much growth.

Apr 19 (Day 72): Looking better 2 weeks after transplanting to the garden. :)

Top: Apr 23 (Day 76) ; Bottom: Apr 29 (Day 82): Week 3 and 4 after transplant, 40/50 surviving, not bad! :)


Feb 28 (Day 1): Started the tomato seeds 2 weeks after the broccolis coz they are not as sensitive to warm weather.

Mar 20 - Apr 10 (Day 21-42): Growth progress for our tomato plants. Tomatoes definitely grow easier and faster than broccolis.

Apr 10 (Day 42): Transplanted 50+ tomato plants (someone counted but didn't jot down the totals...hmph!). Thanks to MinMin for being the 'model' there...hehe! 

Apr 19 (Day 51): 9 days after transplant...survivor vs gone.

Left: Apr 23 (Day 55) ; Right: Apr 29 (Day 61): 44 surviving at week 2 & 3 after transplant.


Apr 10 (Sun): Direct sow the seeds for corn, carrots, and zucchini.

Apr 23 (Day 14) vs Apr 29 (Day 20): Corns and zucchinis coming up but no signs of growth yet for the carrots.

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