Tuesday, June 14, 2016

May I Travel...Again

After the 5 weeks in March that I spent in Dallas, I traveled to Dallas again for another 4 weeks in May. Same weekly routines...weekday=auditor, weekend=gardener...lol!! Here are some boring photos from last month (clearing out photos from my phone)...

Traveled to Dallas for 9 weeks this year and guess what, I haven't even seen downtown Dallas...haha! Only 'saw' downtown from the magazine in the hotel room, the only 2 places I saw were the office...

and hotels...haha!!

Becker's app made it very convenient to study while traveling. =) Ideally, I would rather be watching shows on my iPad, hopefully I can be done with this final one. =P

Breakfast at the hotel wasn't bad at all. =)

Free dinners! :)

Once again fixed my cravings for Korean food...

Taiwanese food...

Thai, Jap, and of course lotssss of Malaysian!! =D

Apart from being a gardener, I'm also a chef on the weekends...hahaha! =P My new creation - fried tuna ball.

Other random creations...including zoodles and my version of egg mcmuffin. =P

Dogsit these 2 lazy kiddos for a week. =)

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