Sunday, July 17, 2016

July 4th Weekend

Thought I would have more free time after finishing my exams but apparently not. All my free time was spent on my no-salary 2nd job as a gardener/zoodler/canner. Seriously, wth did we get ourselves into?? I could have been chilling at home after work editing my 3-years worth of GoPro videos backlog! Anyway, that explains why I'm still trying to catch-up on my blog updates, so I'll keep this short. Just a quick photo update on our July 4th weekend.  

July 2 (Sat): Day Out at Lake Guntersville

Visited Maureen's family campground and went out on the parent's boat. 

Upped my ‪jumpshot‬ difficulty with one from a floating tube...haha!!

And to keep it are the behind the scenes of some failed!! 

The guys tubing.

Obviously hubby had a good time :P

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