Sunday, December 18, 2016

November in Auburn

Just as I thought I would have more free time now that I've completed my CPA exams, and busy season wouldn't start until January, I was absolutely wrong on that. Been so busy with work since October and unfortunately, there is no sign of slowing down until next March.

Spent my entire November traveling to Auburn for work. I do enjoy traveling for work but certainly prefer 'flight' travel over 'drive' travel, coz personally I feel like driving (and not being able to do anything else) is such a waste of my time. In order to make better use of my 3.5 hours drive each way, I discovered podcast. I know podcast is nothing new but I'm not so 'millennial' and haven't really found the need to listen to podcasts in the past. Anyway, I was glad to be able to find some interesting podcasts that talks about travel and financial independence to keep me entertained during those boring drives. =)

My 'workplace' in Auburn and the road I drove through every morning to work. The campus looked pretty with all the fall colors. I felt old walking around campus surrounded by university!

'Home' in Auburn for 3 weeks. No SPG in Auburn but thanks to the merger, Courtyard Auburn and Marriott Opelika were good alternatives. :)

Had dinner at Chong's BBQ (Korean) almost every evening. The food was good, loved the side dishes, and lady boss was super nice. Fixed all my cravings for Korean food...grilled mackerel with soybean paste soup, ginseng chicken soup, short rib soup, kimchi bulgogi dumpling, jajangmyeon, seafood pancake, dolsot bibimbap, soft tofu stew with seafood, and stir fried marinated squid...yumsss!!!

Tried another Korean restaurant (Seoul BBQ) right beside our office building the last week I was there. Soft tofu stew and kimbap. :)

One of the dinners was Jap food with colleagues. Definitely loaded myself with all the Asian food I could get while traveling for work. :P

And of course I didn't just survive on Asian food the whole time I was there. :P

Here are some other updates from November aside from work...

18 Nov 2016: Our office's Fall Farm Party. 'Hiong ha' event for 'hiong ha' office...haha!

28 Nov 2016: Visited relatives at Oneonta. Hubby and his childhood buddy, Scott.

Finally received this in the mail on Nov 24. Officially a 'licensed' CPA here in the US!! =)

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