Sunday, March 12, 2017

Busy Season Continues...Part 2

Part 2 of busy season rolled in right after part 1 ended with no break at all. Was booked on another job to travel to Texas and Ohio back to back for one week each. Somehow March has been my 'Travel-To-Texas' month, coz this is the 3rd consecutive year that I've traveled to Texas during March. 2015 was Houston/Austin, 2016 was Dallas/Plano, and 2017 was Tyler/Austin. :P

Feb 26 (Sun) - Mar 3 (Fri): Tyler, Texas

Compared to all the places that I've had the opportunity to travel to for work over the past 2 years, this trip was definitely different in the sense that it wasn't a big city. In fact, both places we went were 'sangkala' small town. The top photo was the Tyler airport, an airport with only 1 boarding gate. :P Stayed in Hampton Inn Lindale, and we were invited to visit the foundry, which explains my 'cute' outfit...hahaha!

Unhealthy vs. healthier meals...not a big fan of salad but that's pretty much the only option to eat more veggie. =.=

Mar 3-5: Weekend in Austin
Instead of traveling home for the super short weekend (basically weekend = Saturday only after excluding traveling time), I decided to travel to Austin instead to visit the buddy. She was my first guest from home when I first moved here, and now I'm her first guest from home since she moved here. =) 

A yummy taste of home thanks to chef Lee. Watercress soup 西洋菜汤,stir-fried portobello mushrooms, scrambled egg with glass noodles 粉丝炒蛋, roasted brussel sprouts, and roasted chicken wings. Yumssss!!! Had too much fun playing mamasak until we set the smoke detector alarm!!

Good company, good food, good conversation, and of course good beer!! Even though it was just a short visit, I'm glad we were able to make this happen despite the busy season!

Mar 5-10 (Sun-Fri): Coshocton, Ohio

This place was even more 'sangkala' than the previous one, the closest airport was more than an hour away, and the closest 'chain' hotel was 25 minutes away. Stayed at Doubletree Newark Ohio and Hampton Inn Newcomerstown.

Not the biggest fan of Hilton points but Hampton Inn's service and amenities are great!

We were glad to find Beuhler's Fresh Foods restaurant and had most our meals there.

My turn to drive the rental car this week. Luckily the roads were pretty deserted.

Just as I thought I won't see any snow this winter, woke up to winter wonderland this morning on my last day in Ohio!

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