Saturday, November 25, 2017

Fall 2017 Updates

I'm definitely slacking this year with my blog updates, on track to have the least number of posts in a year since 2007. Been busy with work and travels ever since we returned from our trip, and the last 3 months flew by just like that. It's time to catch up on some updates over this long weekend before work gets hectic again soon.

Sept 3 (Sun): Gathering with relatives.

Was traveling back and forth Tampa, FL for 6 weeks in Oct and Nov.

Fully utilized my United Club membership at the lounge in Atlanta airport.

Spent a good number of nights in hotels.

Views from the hotel.

Traveling for work means eating out...

a lot...

and fixed my cravings for Asian food.

'Test drove' these cars over the last few weeks, as if I'm looking to buy a new!

Oct 21 (Sat): Pumpkin carving party with the family at SIL's new place.

Continued with meal prep routine even though I was traveling, I'm a good wife...haha! =P

Nov 18 (Sat): Made curry chicken for Thanksgiving potluck party with friends here in Huntsville. The bottom two photos are my best attempt for Thanksgiving!

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