Friday, October 9, 2009

Girly Day-Out

Revision classes started this week so we're back to college again after a short break. Honestly, I know that I've gotta start revising but i'm still slacking...ahhh!! Our revision classes are gonna last for only 3 weeks and it's good that our timetable are not very hectic.

Debbie came over to Rachel's house these few days so 3 of us decided to hang out for a day. Rae set the dress code for this day out...whatelse other than dress for a 'girly' day out...haha!! I was designated as the guinea pig for these 2 'consultants'...haha...I guess they did quite a good job right?

3 pretty girls...haha!! *slapppp*

Lunch at Fish & Co. I was busy taking pictures (as usual!)

More pictures!! Rachel...rocker??

Tea break at the Chocolate Lounge.
I admit...I'm not a good walker...needed a break...pheww!

Spent most of the time looking for perfume. Almost 'pengsan' smelling so many different drug addicts...hehe!! :p
These 2 gals already looking for rings...*cough cough* (i'm helping them to hint the 2 gentlemen...haha!!)

We were a lil' crazy trying to be 'bugs'...whoops!

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