Sunday, October 4, 2009

Phuket 2008...A Year Ago...

This is nothing new or is just an update that came late after a year. I finally had time to sort out the pictures and update about this trip on my blog. Today is the last day of my break so I decided to spend the entire day working on these...hehe!!

Went on this trip with my family from 21-24 May 2008, right before I started my 2nd year of Advanced Diploma. Well...I started and restarted my 2nd year twice...itz a lil' confusing...nvm.

21 May 2008:
It was my first time traveling on AirAsia. The journey from KL to Phuket took only 2 hours but I don't remember much about the flight coz I was sleeping most of the time.

Arrived Phuket at around 2pm and took a cab to the Andaman Beach Suites Hotel at Patong Beach

Camwhoring around our hotel

Our cozy hotel room

5 minutes walk from our hotel to the beach

Patong Beach...saw some buildings that were destroyed during the Tsunami

Started off with some 'normal' pics on the beach

Followed by some crazy jumping pics...haha!! =P

Had our dinner at this restaurant...Savoey (I don't know what it means)

Yummy yummy Thai cuisine!!

Along the way back to our hotel

22 May 2008:
Followed a one-day island hopping tour to Phi Phi Islands. I've been keeping the island hopping brochure for a long time but I have no idea where I kept it I can't recall the names of all the islands that we went.

Boarded the speed boat at Boat Lagoon Marina

The speed boat was really was hard to take a nice pic coz my hair was juz flying all over the place like crazy.

Our first stop...Maya Bay. This was where the movie 'The Beach' by Leonardo DiCaprio was filmed.

Stopped by Monkey Beach and Viking Cave as well.

All these islands are soooo beautiful...the scenery was just amazing!

That blue shirt piggy can sleep anywhere even though the boat was so bouncy and rocking in the waves!

Lunch at Leamtong Beach

Bamboo Island...small little island with white sandy beaches...nice!!

Some activities on the island

Hahaha...some action shots for mom and dad!!

Sunset from our hotel

Dinner time!!

Some night pics around the hotel

23 May 2008:
Spent the day in the hotel and enjoyed our last day walking around the town.

Chilling at the hotel in the morning

Along the way to the shopping mall

Stopped by for lunch...Tom Yum everywhere....yum yum!!

Jung Ceylon Shopping Mall

Nice landscaping at the mall

Posing on Patong Beach...again!

Took some pics of Patong's night life

That's all for our Phuket trip...only 3 days but it was fun. We planned this trip ourselves and it turned out great!!

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