Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Big Bro's R.O.M.

This family event took place back in Nov 29...big bro's big day...Registration of Marriage...woohoo!! He 'prohibited' us from posting any pics or updates on fb or our blogs earlier on coz this was supposed to be a 'private' event. This 'restraining order' has been removed...i guess...so time for me to share some pics here...hehe! :p Bro had some more 'pro' pics that he took with the DSLR but I don't have 'em with me so these are just some from my camera.

Bro & I was the camera man & woman for the day...2 cameras & 1 video cam.

The happy couple...sweeeet! =)

Congratulations to my 'kor kor' and 'dai sou'!!

Yay...time for a group pic!!

Photo session with the stars for the day!

Loveee this family pic!!

The Tang's siblings

Stay sweet forever!!! =)


Hong CN said...

Congratulation to Khai Nian & his lovely wife :-) Thanks for sharing :-)

khaishing.com said...

Hehe...thanks! I'll pass the msg to both of 'em! Cya during CNY!! =)