Tuesday, February 9, 2010

First half of final semester

Yeahh...I'm back in Penang! Having a 2 weeks' break for Chinese New Year. It's good to be home after 7 weeks! Flew back yesterday for only RM9...pretty good journey...met an Australian lady on the skybus and talked all the way. It's always nice meeting people from other places...seeing our country from their eyes...you'll be surprised how much people know about our country...perhaps even more than ourselves. It's a good reminder not to take things for granted...we tend to overlook things that we've always had around us.

The past 7 weeks had been pretty uneventful, guess it's pretty obvious from my previous posts...nothing much to blog about...no new pictures...only some old pics. Been busy with studies, assignments, and tests. Few more weeks to go and I'll be done with school...time's flying fast!

Was internet-less in KL last week coz my dear housemate cancelled our streamyx when he moved home... means no more internet for don't know how long! Gosh...felt so handicapped without internet...so bro became my 'google' and email reader....haha! Can't believe I actually survived being 'disconnected' from all my entertainment and the 'world'!!

Glad that 3 of my housemates moved out...woohoo!! It's good that the slobs are finally out of the house...you have no idea how they turned the house into a disaster zone. I had a good time clearing the living room and throwing all the junk away...it's tough job but I don't mind...gimme back a clean house!

Should be pretty busy for the 2nd half of the semester, participating in the UM Case Study Challenge and MMU Intervarsity Accounting Quiz. More assignments coming...then finals...arghh!!

More updates coming soon...I hope...hehe!! Some pics of what I've been up to...

My groupmates...discussion for assignments...'schooling'

First 'Superman' reunion...haha!! Played captain ball then Yong Tau Fu at PJ. Bro and Jonathan was pulled into this super family. Can't stop taking pics of our "S"es...haha! :p

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