Saturday, April 24, 2010

Doneee!!! =)

Exam was over 3 days ago...that means I'm officially DONEEE with college here!!! Finally...after 5 years of college life...from Penang to KL, then a detour to US, and finally back to KL last year...I would say it's been a pretty long journey. I still remember how I dreaded coming back from US to complete my final year here a year ago...but here I am now...time to say byebye, pack up, and move back home. Thought I would be exhilarated after my last paper but not really...mayb coz there's still ACCA in June and 3 more months of studying in technically I'm not completely done with school yet.

It seems like I'm even busier after many things pending for me to do and I've been spending the past 3 days packing up my stuffs here. Taking a break away from books first...planning to blog about several things so hope that I'll have the mood & time to do it.

Last lecture for Advanced Taxation...'impresive' attendance of less than 5%...haha! Obviously, someone wasn't paying attention...hmm!

After-exam celebration with my 'super' friends...we looked darn tired & hagard...Tarc exams never fail in producing Pandas...

Bro's fiancee came to KL for work so treated us some awesome meal ('La Mian' & Alexis) over the weekend

A quick reflection of my 4 years in TARC:
1st year...nothing much apart from Community Sociology project...spent most of the time studying I guess.
2nd year...was a lil' more active. Joined the debates & some other English competitions. Represented Penang branch for the Intercampus Sports Carnival & surprisingly got 2 gold medals for swimming. Besides, for some weird reason, more ppl started to know about me and gave me a new name...sweat! Graduated Diploma with pretty satisfying result so it was a great ending in Penang.
3rd year...moved down to KL for advanced diploma. Was lucky to be given a lot of learning opportunities by being selected as the course representative & also the chairperson for Financial Accounting Society. Spent 3 months doing internship at Pwc Penang. Found out that I got the Global UGRAD scholarship so deferred my studies for a year.
4th year...Came back from US & joined the juniors knowing nobody. Study life was very much different as compared to the hectic & busy 3rd year. Main focus was only on's really tough. But I was lucky to spend most of my time with 3 great friends who made my final year a joyful & enjoyable one. Thanks guys! =)

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