Thursday, April 22, 2010

Intervarsity Business Tycoon Simulation Game

April 9 (Friday): Business Tycoon Simulation Game at Nottingham University
Officially my last competition as a student here. As I mentioned on fb, I've definitely cherished my last days as a student here to the fullest. Joined several competitions which happened to take place towards the end of the semester...busy till wanna kisiao d...haha!

Didn't win any prizes in this competition but what matters most was gaining the experience. It was like a mini class gathering for us. This game was actually pretty fun and was just like a pasar in that can see that from the pics below.

TARCians at Nottingham 'sam pa lou'?

Crazy classmates: Joshua, Shalinni, Rachel, WeiChih, KimLoon, MingKhuen, ZhaoQin, KeanTat, Me, MsG!

Time to get serious for the game...our team was 'car manufacturer'.

This is what I was talking about...PASAR!!!

Group photo with the sponsors and organizers

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