Thursday, June 10, 2010

Goodbye M'sia

I'm leaving home again...this time for 4 months. :( Gonna fly off from KLIA tonight so mom & dad's going down to KL with me. Finished ACCA exam 2 days ago...finally free from exams...well at least for now. Ain't gonna comment anything about the papers though...juz gonna pray hard...hehe! :p

Farewell dinner with grandma, grandaunt, big bro, & Rachel...see y'all again in 4 months! =)

Thought I would get some rest after exams but nope...was busy packing my stuffs for the last 2 days and also watched some tv shows. ;) My room was in a total mess since I came back from KL...didn't unpack my things + books & notes for exams + luggages for UK (illustrated below). =.=

Guess how many bags are there?

Met up with some UGRADers in Penang 2 weeks ago. Had a good chat with all of them. It's always fun to share about our UGRAD experiences. =)

3 'generations' of M'sian UGRADers
ZaoLon, KhaiSheng, Me, GinSeng, ShiEe, Sean, Choon Sian

Alright, time to go. Next update will be from Sheffield, UK...stay tuned! ;) Byeeee!!

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