Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Start of Something New?

For most of us, this UK experience is definitely something new and fresh. Being in a foreign country...different culture, accent, weather, lifestyle, seeing ang mohs everywhere, etc. Well, that's the experience of being an international student in a foreign country.

I know I'm extremely lucky & blessed to have the opportunity to study in 3 different countries within 3 years - Malaysia (TAR College), U.S. (Uni. of Alabama in Huntsville), and U.K. (Sheffield Hallam Uni). That's why this experience is not entirely new to me...it's more like a mixture of 2 extremes - TAR College & UAH. This time around, it's like studying in a foreign country but with a whole bunch of TARCians. The "mini tar" has expanded into a "maxi tar" this year coz there are over 1000 tarcians invading this place...try to picture that. =.=

I've always been thankful for being a UGRADer in UAH, but I appreciate it even more now coz the OIPS took care of us very well. I'm not saying that the staff here in SHU are not good, in fact they were all really nice & helpful, it's just that they've got too many students to handle.

I'm still not used to the weather here. It's been cold for the past 4 days and my room is chilly...gotta wear a jacket & hide under my comforter most of the time. I'm also not used to seeing the sky still bright even at 9pm...sometimes it's just so misleading & confusing. =.= 

But one thing that I really like about this place is the people. They are extremely friendly and nice! :) Besides, there are so many good looking people here...and the kids are all so cute!

As I mentioned in my last post, we've been exploring the city and had our orientation yesterday. Here are some of the pics:

Went to the train station on Sunday morning

Sheffield city center

Have u seen ppl blow-drying a refrigerator? Here's a demo of how to clean an extremely dirty fridge with layers of frozen ice. Instead of waiting for it to defrost, melt the ice with hairdryer...haha! :p

OMG...we were like kindergarten kids going for orientation!

Our course - Accounting & Finance. So many people right??

Just 2 pics that I took during the campus tour

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