Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Are You Ready To RUSH???

Pheww...I'm finally done with the introductions for all 11 teams of season 3!! In fact, all the teams have been announced on China Rush's official Weibo 2 weeks ago but it took me slightly longer to work out the translated version coz I had to be mindful of what I share. =P Now that you've 'met' all the cast, which is your favourite team? Hahaha...this isn't a question at all coz there should only be one answer...lol!!! =P

Everyone looks GREAT!!!

Are you ready to RUSH??

Ladies...which all-male team is your type?? =P

The 2 lovey-dovey couples!! Oh love is in the air ~~

The Amazing Race China Rush Season 3 Premiers: 
English version - 26 Aug 2012 (Sun), 8.00pm on ICS
Chinese version - 1 Sept 2012 (Sat), 4.00pm on 东方卫视


Henry Su said...

Favorite team? That's easy . . . Team Hennifer! (or Team Jenry as Brandon & Nick like to call us) But the Malaysian Twincredibles were a close second for us :-)

Khai Shing said...

Hahaha...this is also not a question for you guys...there's also only one answer...Team Hennifer!! =P