Saturday, July 28, 2012

Global UGRAD Malaysia Retreat 2012

Let's take a break from Amazing's an update of what I was up to last weekend.

July 20-22 (Fri-Sun): UGRAD Malaysia Retreat @ Penang Island
Following our first retreat that was successfully held in Taiping last year, the recent returnees organized a weekend getaway to Penang last weekend. Malaysian UGRADers have been organizing annual gathering since the first batch in 2008 to reunite alumni and share their experiences with the new UGRAD scholars who will be embarking on their UGRAD journey to the US in August. This year, 11 UGRADers from all over Malaysia (2008/09: KhaShing; 2010/11: ChoonSian, ShiEe; 2011/12: Wilson, Nasha, YuPing, WeiJiet; 2012/13:  Carolyn, Cayenne, Dylan, Kalai)  traveled to Penang for this 3D2N trip. Thanks to Wilson, Nasha, YuPing, and WeiJiet for organizing this trip.

First stop: Had dinner @ Kayu right after the newbies arrived from KL. Without wasting any time, we started sharing all our UGRAD experiences with them and overloading them with tonnes of!! 

Woke up early on Saturday morning to hike from Penang National Park to Monkey Beach. I've never been here before so this was a good chance for me to be a tourist...haha!! =P

The entire journey took about 1.5 hours with some challenging routes along the way. We almost lost our way coz the signage wasn't clear. Seems like we were trying to give the newbies a taste of adventure before they begin their adventure of a!!

Some sceneries along the hike...not bad huh!!

Finally...we arrived at Monkey Beach!!

Sharing session on the cool is that!!

Group photo for our Facebook page. =P

One thing you can't miss in Penang...the awesome food!! C''s food heaven here!!

The big thing in Georgetown lately...street arts by Ernest Zacharevic. It's great to see all these interactive murals transforming the streets and landscapes of Georgetown. Locals and tourists have been flocking here to take pics with these artworks!

 UGRADers at Chew Jetty.

Thanks to UGRAD for bringing us together! It's pretty amazing how we bond as if we've known each other forever even though this is just the 1st or 2nd time we met!! =) Good luck and all the best to those who are leaving to the States soon...cherish this journey of a lifetime and make it worthwhile! =)

"A wonderful weekend getaway with the UGRAD family. Lotsa good foods, inspiring sharing sessions, bonding, heritage trail and jungle trekking! Good luck to juniors who are going to the US. For returned scholars - welcome back my friends, put on a show that never ends." - Wilson Beh (UGRAD 2011/12)

"Returned to lovely Penang with my awesome UGRAD family (new and old). Glad to have this chance to listen to such inspiring stories. Your determination and positivity really amazes me. Good food + heartfelt sharing sessions + upgraded friendships= a weekend well spent that can be summarized in one single word- meaningful!" - Nasha Lee (UGRAD 2011/12)