Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Amazing Race China Rush 3 Cast Revealed - "Malaysian Twins"

KHAI SHENG & KHAI SHING - The "Malaysian Twins"
Tang Khai Sheng / Tang Khai Shing
Hometown: Penang, Malaysia
Relationship: Twins

Last but no least, it's time to introduce ourselves! I'll try my best to be objective...haha! For those who don't know us yet...feel free to read on. =P I've shared the translation of our team intro 2 weeks ago so I'll try to share something different this time.

All the way from Malaysia, we're a pair of brother-sister twins born and raised in Penang Island. If I'm not mistaken, we're the first pair of brother-sister twins in the entire Amazing Race franchise, please correct me if I'm wrong. Some people may be wondering if we are residing in China and how did we find out about this show? Nope, both of us are currently working in Malaysia and we started watching China Rush Season 2 on Youtube last year. Being big fans of the Amazing Race, we decided to give it a try this year by submitting our application forms and travelled all the way to Shanghai for the auditions. Having done a lot of things together as we were growing up, we hope to achieve something special together and work as a team to realize our dreams of being in the Race. With no home-ground advantage, will we be able to find our ways around China without getting lost in the Race??

P.S. The information above is provided solely based on my understanding and interactions with the teams and does not necessarily represent the opinions of ICS or STV. 

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