Monday, November 12, 2012

AXN Big Challenge 2.0

27 Oct 2012 (Sat): AXA Affin "Health for Life" AXN Big Challenge @ Straits Quay

I'm back!! Some of you may have noticed that my blog was not accessible earlier on coz it was offline under construction for some 'migration' work. =P Anyway, I'm finally done with it so it's time to continue blogging about what I was up to recently. P.S. It was good to take a break from Amazing Race related posts after our farewell episode and gave me some time to get stuffs done before work gets crazy soon! =)

I've mentioned before that bro and I did a commercial for this year's AXN Big Challenge and it was aired on various Astro channels in September. Being last year's winners, I thought we won't be allowed to participate this year but surprisingly, there was no such restriction...of course I won't miss out on such a fun event!! =P 

Unlike last year's challenge, this year's challenge is split into male and female category. Bro didn't take part this time but since he was back in Penang for the weekend, he was my cameraman for the day. =) 

Everyone had to go through this qualifying round to be shortlisted for the next round. I was kinda worried that I couldn't complete this challenge but luckily it was a smooth ride!  =P

The 8 obstacles for the main challenge...ain't easy for females huh! Personally, I think that the rope obstacle and monkey bar were more challenging for girls. Not many people knew that I was one half of the champion last year until the hosts, Vanessa and Jentzen, recognized me and announced it through the mic. =.= Low profile mission!! It's a total different challenge this year so winning last year doesn't mean I'll win again so I came just to have fun and try my pressure. =) People who knows me know that I love all these kinda obstacle get to have fun and stand a chance to win prizes...why not give it a try right? =P

Amazing Racers in Penang!!! Vanessa was the 1st runner-up in the Amazing Race Asia Season 2.

My cheer-leading team for the day. =P Thanks to dad, mom, and bro for being there all day to wait for me. =)

Anxiously waited for the result of the main challenge to find out who made it into the final 5. So happy to hear number 62 being announced...woohoo!!! 

Top 5 male & females who made it through to the final challenge. 

The final challenge. It was all about arm's strength...very exhausting especially when you're competing against time. I was also trying to be careful not to drop any of the number cards as I remove them from the carabiners and hook them on to my carabiner. 

Went around taking some photos while waiting for the final result. 

Woohoo...1st runner-up for female category!!! Strong competition this year...I'm very satisfied with this result!! =) 

The winners for male & female category in Penang. 

Very kiasu took more pics with the mock cheque before returning it to the organizers. =P

Dinner treat for my cheerleaders...haha!! Lotsa freebies from AXN and AXA. 

Penang winners on AXN-Asia website

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Diana Diane Teo said...

Congratulation to you. I did saw you and your brother for the commercial in AXN Channel =D