Saturday, November 17, 2012

Finale of Our Truly Amazing Journey

Leg 12: The Amazing Race China Rush 3 Finale - Chengdu, Sichuan (四川成都)

11 teams, 12 cities, 8000 km, 28 days of filming, 12 exciting episodes...season 3 of the Amazing Race China Rush has finally wrapped up last Sunday. Even though we've bid farewell to the race after our elimination, the finale in Chengdu marked an official end to this remarkably amazing race for all of us. =)

All the contestants flew in to Chengdu to cheer for the final 3 at the final pit stop. While the final 3 were busy racing around Chengdu, all of us gathered in the hotel before heading to the pit stop. It was so good to see everyone, felt like day 1 all over again! =) Jiajia asked everyone to place bet on who we think will win the race and even though both Trainers and Harvard were strong teams, we placed our bet on Harvard coz we heard that Lei Sheng hurt his legs in the last few legs and it would be tough on him if there were any physical tasks in the final leg. 

While waiting for the 3 teams to arrive, we took the opportunity to snap pics with all the teams. So good to have my camera with me...haha!!

And the top 3 teams!!

Most importantly...a pic with our Amazing host, Allan Wu, on the super-sized pit stop mat!! Thanks for hosting another Amazing season!! =)

Non-stop taking pictures while standby-ing waiting for the teams to arrive. Rocking our Penang Island t-shirt again. =P Top left pic: Terence (sound guy) really looked like he was mopping the mat with his fluffy mic...hahaha!!

Just to show how big the pit stop mat was...jump shot failed though. =P

After waiting anxiously under the hot sun for quite awhile, we were all hyped-up when we heard that the first team have finally arrived!! Tadaa...the "Trainers" is the winner of the Amazing Race China Rush Season 3!!! Congratulations to Lei Sheng & Liu Wei Wei. Even though we lost our bet, we're happy that they won the race coz they really deserved it!! They've ran an honorable race and it was definitely a well-deserved win. And that means Liu Wei Wei gets to travel the world...hehe!! =P Kudos to Charlie, Ryan, Steven & Christine too for completing the race!

Final pit stop scene

Final team rankings for The Amazing Race China Rush Season 3

Congratulations to all of the teams for making this season such an exciting and entertaining experience for everyone!! It has been a great pleasure knowing all you awesome peeps!!

Thank you to all the teams, crew, production, staff, and ICS for making it all such an Amazing experience for us all! Hope you guys enjoyed watching this amazing season!

Thanks to Yating & Josh for "babysitting" us during the race! =P

Chillin' with fellow contestants. Someone asked me, which team are we closest with? Haha...good question! We have different answers for pre-race, during race, and post-race. Conclusion, we were close with most of the teams...haha!! 

Wrap party at a bar with the big China Rush family after the race. Good times!! =)

Had Sichuan food for lunch with all the crew and contestants before they leave to the airport. Our big group filled up the top floor of the!!

We stayed back in Chengdu for one more day before flying back to Malaysia while the entire big group flew back to Shanghai. That's's a wrap for this Amazing journey!!

Finally it's time to get back to reality after an amazing month-long journey. Looking back now, the past month seemed so surreal. Absolutely thankful for the opportunity to travel to all the AMAZING places with a bunch of AMAZING people!!

1. 陪了我们走过中国许多不同城市的背包 
2. 谢谢李洋送我的希尔顿小熊...非常喜欢这个可爱的teddy bear! 
3. 在终点要了选手们的签名留念,很怀念跟大家在一起的时光,希望有机会再次相聚!

8000里路, 12个城市, 28天日夜兼程, 飞机火车汽车三轮车自行车渡船木板船。 我们一路走来, 交心交肺地爱上一个节目。 恭喜12集的ICS冲刺中国第三季终于完美落幕!好舍不得哦!从去年年尾开始报名到今天的大结局,这整个旅程真的非常难忘,绝对是dream come true! 衷心感谢所有幕前幕后为冲刺中国努力付出的每一位,这一季真的很棒!

We weren't able to attend the finale party in Shanghai on Nov 11 so we did a video recording to say hi and thank our fans (if any) that were present at the party. Thanks to Hennifer, Vern Mei, and ICS China Rush for the live updates on Weibo. =) The party was a huge success and I'm sure the fans were glad to see Lei Sheng, Liu WeiWei, Ryan, Charlie, Henry, Jenn, Brandon, Yu Ping, Yu ChenJing and Yelin at the party. 

Thank y'all for following our dream-come-true journey on The Amazing Race China Rush 3!!
"It is not really about winning but the adventure and opportunity to be in one of the world's greatest reality shows!!"

"虽然半年前就已经有了最终赛果,但是今晚依然令我心动。一段向往已久的经历,一段神奇的经历。赢了,并不重要;经历了,才最重要。爱这个节目 ,更爱这一场相识,认识大家是我一生的荣幸。感谢lww_维维, 野林YELin, 李家小洋, 阮Ryan, Charlie马景洋, 趙睿喬, 童尹恩, 凯馨khaishing, 凯升KhaiSheng, hennifer, 俞琳达, 俞卡尔, NicholasBlack, WatsUpB, 宝宝和猩猩, 以及台前幕后的所有工作人员。没有你们就没有China Rush!" - 雷声

"为你们高兴,终身难忘的旅程,珍惜和所有比赛选手的相识。CR幕后团队是神奇的,这么精彩的节目,他们付出了很多。希望有机会和大家再相聚。" - 张业林

"感謝ICS冲刺中国...你們真的很辛苦又專業!!! 感謝可愛的粉絲們 陪我們衝到最後!!! 當然還有感謝親愛的選手們, 可以認識來自不同地方的你們, 有共同的回憶, 我真的很開心! 大家都很棒, 一起愛的鼓勵!!! 哈哈哈!!" - 童尹恩

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