Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Amazing 2012!!

Happy ‘Belated’ New Year!! The last few weeks have been a rollercoaster...been busy with work, travelling, tour guiding, etc and the New Year just flew by in the midst of all these craziness. Since the world didn’t end, I shall do a recap of my past year which could best be described by only one word...AMAZING!! =) 

Jan: Started off the year with a blast overlooking the stunning night view of Shanghai from The Bund. That trip was my first time being in Shanghai and somehow 2012 brought me back to this city for a few more times. 

Feb: Flew to Shanghai on our own expense over the weekend for a 20-minute audition for China Rush at Shanghai TV Station. Words can’t express our excitement when we received the email informing us that we were shortlisted as one of the contestants for the 3rd season of the Amazing Race China Rush...absolutely a dream come true!! P.S. Sometimes you’ve gotta want something bad enough to get it. =P

Mar: Had a wonderful family vacation in Japan. My self-planned itinerary turned out pretty good and we saw lotsa breathtaking sceneries in Osaka, Takayama, Mt Fuji, and Tokyo. 

Apr: A month-long dream come true racing across China in the Amazing Race China Rush 3. The beautiful things that we’ve seen, the cultures that we’ve experienced, the people that we met along the way, we can’t put a price tag on that. It’s really been an incredible experience. 

May: Travelled back to Huntsville after 3 years for an apparent reason. =P Had a month-long chillaxing vacation with Daniel and his family.  

June: Back to work after 2.5 months of vacation was tough but was welcomed by a promotion. Big thank you to my colleagues for helping to take over my work while I was away. 

July: Spent the weekend with some new UGRADers during the UGRAD retreat in Penang. It has been 4 years since I travelled to the States for this exchange program and it’s always exciting to see more people getting this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to realise their dreams. 

Aug: The 3rd season of The Amazing Race China Rush started airing in China. It was fun and cool seeing ourselves on TV for the very first time!

Sept: Travelled to Redang Island with the company. Flew to Shanghai again over the weekend for the viewing party and met up with our CR friends.

Oct: Took part in the AXN Big Challenge for the 2nd time and won the 1st-runner up.

Dec: The boyfriend (fiance) traveled to Malaysia with his mom and came with a big surprise (a bling bling ring + ipad + lovely photobook). <3

Looking back at 2012, life's been great and I'm really thankful and blessed for all the wonderful things that I've experienced and for all the wonderful people around me. Always counting my blessings and reminding myself not to take anything for granted. 2013 is gonna be a busy year for me but I hope that the new year will be as AMAZING as 2012! =)

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