Saturday, October 12, 2013

Krabi...Same Same But Different?

4-6 Oct 2013 (Fri-Sun) ~ "The Krabi Call" Annual Teambuilding Trip
It's the time of the year again for our firm's annual trip. This is already my 3rd annual trip with the firm, time really flies!! Our destination this time was Krabi...again. We were there 2 years ago and honestly, it didn't leave me with any good impression. For those who've been to Phuket & Krabi, you would have realized that these 2 places are pretty much the same and the only difference is that Phuket is much more happening. If given a choice, I'd rather go back to Redang instead. 

Unfortunately, this trip was handled by tour agents...again! =.= You know what my comment is about travel agents. Our trip 2 years ago was pretty much ruined by the annoying tour agent so it was another 'same-same' experience all over again. Apparently, all the organizers didn't get to experience the 'lulu' tour 2 years ago and decided to experience it for themselves this time around. Dear Gen-Y'ers...whY la engage in tour agents when we already know that 70% of the time they screw you up and you could have done a much better job yourselves?! The amount of money that the 2 tour agents earn could have been enough for all of us to stay in 5-star hotels...just sayin'. =P Anyway, my strategy this time was to stay away from the tour itinerary and spent most of my time chillaxing in the hotel. =)

Our hotel for 2 nights...Centara Anda Dhevi Resort & Spa. Since it was raining almost non-stop for the entire trip, I spent 80% of my time bumming in the hotel room. =)

Too bad we didn't get the pool view room but I hardly had any chance to sit at the balcony at all coz of the rain.

What 'great' timing for us to have this trip during the festive vegetarian season (a.k.a the rainy season). It was raining THE WHOLE TIME we were there...not exaggerating at all. Didn't even bother taking any nice pics with such gloomy weather. Worse still, we were stranded by the street one-freakin' hour standing and waiting for our bus in the rain to pick us up to the dinner place (which was half an hour away). It's not that I'm being judgmental about tour agents but they keep doing things to prove that they are lousy! =.=

After being stranded by the street the night before, I was more certain that I ain't gonna join the island hopping trip the next morning. So bro, SIL, and I ended up having a good time at the pool with our 2 new cute ang moh buddies before it started raining again. =) Thanks to the rain, I guess this was the first time ever that we didn't have any teambuilding activities in a 'teambuilding'!! Good for me coz I couldn't afford to get tanned any more after being barbequed during my last Sabah trip. =P

Gotta have some good Thai food in Thailand...Pineapple Fried Rice & Tom Yummmmy!

Got these in an enveloped slipped through our hotel doors in the morning. Pretty impressed by the sub-committees' graphic design skills. I'm not even doing this much for my own wedding..."boh lui"!! 

Goin' all RETRO for the annual dinner...Krabi Night Fever!! Night fever night fever...we know how to do it ~~~

Group pic to wrap up this trip!

Love this quote (I think I love the font more) but Mr. D doesn't quite agree in this statement. Buying property makes you richer also...haha!! My favorite quote for now is still "Life is either a daring adventure or nothing." =)

Aight enough of venting. Busy months ahead for work and gotta plan for wedding. Will also be traveling for work end of this month so hopefully I'll get some time to blog about it. =P

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