Thursday, October 3, 2013

We're the Champions!!

Here's a quick update of our inter-firm badminton competition 2 weeks ago. This is the 3rd year that I've been playing for the firm and unexpectedly, our team finally won the champion this year!! =) During my 1st year, we won 2nd and last year we lost in the first game. So this year's champion really came as a big surprise, not just for me but for everyone in the firm. 

I can't deny that lady luck was on our side this year. I was also very lucky this year coz our team cruised into the finals smoothly. Even though I was supposed to play women doubles and mixed doubles, I didn't have to play at all coz our team won 3-0 for the first 3 games so I only played in the finals...more exactly, the last 2 games in the finals. Absolutely nerve-wracking and stressful coz we lost the women doubles and the last deciding game was the mixed doubles. I admit...I'm only an amateur and our opponent was very good, and the points margin was very tight throughout the last game. It was even more stressful for me coz we got into the finals without me playing any games and I can't afford to lose the only 2 games that I played for this competition!! 

Anyway, it felt awesome to win the last game and it was great to see all the supporters coming together to cheer for us. =) Also thanks to my colleagues for taking all these pics.

Women doubles with Marianne. Haha...I looked kinda pro in the top right pic (slap)!! =P

Mixed doubles with Azhar. Since I'm not as good as the opponent's female player, our strategy was to give Azhar all the space he needed to play 'single' coz he's really good!! So basically, my job was to stay front and low...just like the bottom 2 pics...hahaha!! Ain't easy thighs and butt were sore for 3 days from all these!! =P

It was pretty crazy the moment we won the game point coz all the supporters ran down to the court to if we won the Thomas cup...hahaha!! We've definitely got the best bunch of supporters on that day...this is what you call team spirit!!! =)

The awesome badminton players!! P.S. I look really now brown cow??

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