Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Peru on a Budget - Trip Report

It's only been a month since our Peru trip and I'm glad that I managed to finish blogging about our trip within a short time frame (been on a blogging marathon for the past few days). Here's a summary of all the blogposts for this trip:
If you haven't noticed, I really enjoy planning for my travels and share about my adventures and experiences on this blog. Hubby and I spent about 2 months planning for this trip and we're glad everything went smoothly according to the plan. And since I spent quite a lot of time working on our itinerary, I thought it may be a helpful reference for those who plan to travel to Peru in the future. Sharing is caring right...haha!! 

And for those who are wondering how much money we spent on this week-long trip, here's our expense report...total of $935 for 2 person. =) To be fair, we saved a lot on flights by using our frequent flier miles. And I must admit, traveling is definitely much more affordable now that I'm earning USD. =P

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Ivy Le said...

Amazing Khai Shing. You are my idol <3