Wednesday, July 1, 2015

It's Time to Harvest

First half of 2015 is officially over. Gosh...time has been flying by so quickly and I've been here for 7 months already!! Personally, I felt like I've done a lot in the 1st half of the year in terms of settling down, work and travel. 2015 has been great so far, and I've still got lots of plans and things to accomplish in the next few months. Hope that the 2nd half of the year will be even better! =) I'm in blogging mood this week so I'm gonna try catch up with all the outstanding blog updates. Here's a quick recap of what I've been up in the month of June.

June 6 (Sat): First Harvest of our Garden!

When we started planting our garden on April 4, it was just a flat land. And now 2 months later, the garden is filled with pretty plants and crops are ready to be harvested!! 

So much fun picking zucchinis, cucumbers, broccoli, and squash!! 

Pardon my sampatness as this was my first time farming...and after all the hard work, these freshly picked veggies definitely gave us a great sense of achievement!

After a productive day in the garden, it was time to chillax in the pool and prepare a good dinner with veggies freshly picked from the garden! =)

June 19 (Fri): Pickle, pickle, pickle!

Since we've got so many cucumbers from our garden, one of the best way to preserve those cucumbers is to pickle them. Had a quick lesson from mom on how to make pickles but I don't exactly know all the steps yet though coz I've just been helping to fill up the jars...haha!! =P As for the other veggies, we've been blanching and freezing them. 

June 20 (Sat): Mom's Pre-birthday Dinner 

Celebrated mom's birthday in advance with Aunt Betty Jo since I would be traveling on the actual day.

We're planning to plant more broccolis in the fall so our project right now is to start planting the seeds and growing them indoor so that they'll be big enough to be moved to ground by Fall. Recycled egg trays and bought potting soil to plant the seeds. The bottom left pic is the progress after 1 week (June 27)...not bad!!

June 27 (Sat): More Veggies, More Pickling!

Went to the parent's place last weekend after coming back from Chicago to help pick more veggies and pickle. Seems like we're gonna have some new crops to pick soon...bell peppers, tomatoes, corns, and watermelon!!

June 28 (Sun): It's been awhile since I last shared photos of my cooking coz I've been making pretty much the same stuffs week after week...haha! Attempted making Hainan chicken rice last weekend and I'm surprised it turned out pretty good! Not bad for a first timer, I'm surprised by myself too..hahaha!! =P

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