Thursday, December 10, 2015

All-Adults Orlando Family Trip

Took me 2 months to finally finish blogging about our Orlando trip. Here's a link to all the blog posts for this trip and the itinerary & all expenses for both hubby & I:

Oct 5 (Mon): Day 1 - Huntsville to Orlando

Our 12-adults Orlando adventure started earlier due to a water leakage issue that we found out the night before leaving for Orlando. So instead of waking up super early the next morning, we decided to pack everything up and drive over to the the parent's place one night earlier.

Made it to our temporary 'refuge' at 11pm. Time for a short night's rest before starting our journey super early the next morning.

Woke up at 4am and started our journey in 3 cars to Atlanta. Half of our crew flew from Atlanta while the other half drove all the way to Orlando.

Made it to Atlanta airport at 9am, dropped off the adults, parked one car at the airport, and continued our long journey to Orlando. Someone really made himself very comfortable at the backseat and slept all the!!

Finally made it across Florida state line after traveling for 10 hours. 

Stopped by the grocery to pick up some food for the next few days. First time buying so much food...oh much food does 12 adults need for 5 days?!?!

After traveling for 12 hours, we finally arrived at our villa in Orlando at 6pm...phew!! It took us quite some time looking around on Airbnb before finally deciding on this villa. Glad that it turned out to be as nice as the photos. The pool was also very nice but mom was the only one that used! =)

Orlando is definitely a place to go as a big group and getting an Airbnb is the way to go. This villa costs us about $1,000 for 7 nights, that means less than $100/pax for a week, not bad at all. One of our favorite thing about Airbnb is having a kitchen and being able to cook, just another to save money while traveling. :P 

There were 5 bedrooms in total, nice and comfortable enough for us to have a good night's rest before starting our adventure in the park the next day.   

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