Sunday, December 6, 2015

October Garden Updates

It's been 2 months since my last update and I've got so many backlogs piling up! Thanks to CPA, all entertainment including blogging was halted since fun. Anyway, exam's over for now and I've been spending the past week playing catch up. 10 posts to go and I'm just starting with the first one...oh my! 

This is the final post to wrap up our garden updates this year as the gardening season is officially over now that the weather is getting cold again. We started planting this batch of broccolis in June and I'm so happy that our hard work finally paid off after 4 months! We started with approximately 60 seeds and ended up with about 40 plus broccolis, not too bad for our first year! =) 

Oct 10 (112 days): These plants survived the rabbit and worm attack and were the first ones to be harvested. Such beautiful 'bouquet of flowers'...haha!! 

Sept 27, Oct 10, 16: Turnip greens and kale are much easier to grow. =P 

Oct 16 (118 days): Yaasss..more bouquets for me!!

Oct 16 (118 days): To be honest, I'm not a fan of flowers, with one exception...bouquets of broccolis!! Who needs roses when you can get something more practical and edible...haha!! Even more so when it took 4 months of effort and patience to harvest these!!

From farm to table. =)

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