Sunday, May 24, 2009

2 Weeks Home...ONLY?!?! :(

I spent less than 2 weeks at home after coming back from US...coz school started today and had to move down to Kuala Lumpur last weekend. Plus...I had jet lag so took bout 3-4 days for me to adjust one week gone!!! Hadn't had time to meet up with friends yet coz wanted to spend more time with my family...I had been away for 9 months and now that I'm back...I only got to spend 2 weeks with them...wth!! 

May 15 (Fri): Dad's friend came back to Penang from Australia for vacation so we met up with them for lunch and also went to RedBox for karaoke. The last time they came back was 10 years ago so had lots to catch up...bro & I juz accompanied and listened to all the interesting stories...haha!! 

May 17 (Sun): Uncle Thean Kee & his wife invited mom & I to Bayview Beach Hotel for buffet was such a good timing for me to try so many food that I've missed for the last 9 months all at once....oh yeah!!! Finally had a haircut too after 9 months....juz a lil' here is too hot!!!

May 16 (Sat): Even though I was away from home for 9 doesn't feel that long though. Everything still feels so familiar! Comin' back to the same place...doin' the same thing...felt like it was juz yesterday when I was here! Every Saturday is our family time...especially when I'm back from KL....I'll follow mom & dad to Chinese Recreation Club (CRC) to hang out. Dad plays table tennis & mom swims while I online at the lounge...go for dinner together...then sing karaoke till 12am...our usual routine every Saturday for the past few years...hehe!! It's nice to come back and do all these again.

May 17 (Sun): Mom & Dad has been learning singing for a few months...juz for fun...and they had a choir performance in conjunction with Mother's & Father's Day. Grandma, bro & I went to watch and support them...haha!! It was fun watching all those 'adults' singing...they are not 'pros' but everyone enjoyed themselves coz they were all there because they liked singing!!  

May 18 (Mon): Another family gathering....seafood dinner at Tambun....yummy yummy!!! Seems like I've been eating a lot since I came back!! That's normal larr....Penang is heaven for food ma!! :p

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