Sunday, May 3, 2009

Water Ski Weekend Getaway with Ole Miss Dudes

18-19 April 2009: Ole Miss Guys...Khai Sheng, Evan & Tony

Bro & his Taiwanese friend, Tony followed Evan back to Huntsvlle over the weekend. Bro was lucky to know Evan, that was how he managed to come over to Huntsville to meet up last winter & this time...hehe!! They knew each other coz he's a Chinese major in Ole Miss & bro was helping to tutor some of the Americans who are learning Chinese. He was a good host for inviting 3 of us 'foreigner' to spend the weekend at his family's house. We all had a great time hanging out together and also tried water-skiing for the first time ever with Evan's was soooo much fun!! Wished the weekend was longer!! 

I was really surprised to know that so many 'ang mohs' are also learning Chinese...we're definitely very fortunate to have the opportunity to learn 3 languages in school. Being Chinese ourselves...we'd better know our mother offense to 'bananas' though. Before coming here to US, I've never realized that we are very 'multi-lingual' and it was such an advantage. When people asked me what languages I know...I just listed out without even thinking...English, Chinese, Malay, Cantonese, & Hokkien...5 languages. Then they'll give me a surprised look...and, so many languages?! 

First stop...Bridge Street. I finally had chance to take day picture here...good timing coz I'm leaving Huntsville soon.

Their house is nice! We are sooo 'Asian'...not enough kaki so taught Madison to play mahjong. Surprisingly they had mahjong at home...hahaha!!

This was what we did when we were 'eat full too free'...posing on the trampoline...hahaha!! :)) Look at bro's interesting poses!!

Row row row your boat.....

We were like having a, trampoline, hot tub, kayak...with such a beautiful view!!!

Went to 'I Love Sushi' for dinner...oh gosh...sooo goooood!! :)

My first water ski attempt...the water was cold but it was so much fun!!

This 'process' repeated several times....hahaha!!!

Me in action...pretty good for a beginner! :)

Bro learning to ski

Now look at the professionals...Madison & Evan!

Evan's family was our water ski teacher for the day....yeah!! Their boat is cool~!! 

Awesome view at the surrounding....wish I can own a house like this in the future!! 

Helped bro to take some 'sarong' photos...haha!! He asked me not to upload these pics...but I don't care...itz my camera...muahaha!! :p

Thank ya'll so much for the hospitality & a great weekend!!! :)

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