Saturday, May 30, 2009


29 May 2009: 《越来越爱》飞轮海签唱会 @ Juru Autocity, 9.30pm  

Yeahhh....I'm back in action for Fahrenheit & WuChun...hahaha!! This was the first time they came to Penang for the promotion of their album. I wasn't planning to attend at first, but since I came back home this weekend...bro got me 2 tickets and accompanied me to go...woohoo~!! So far, I've been to all their events in Malaysia apart from their concert during March coz I was still in happy to see 'em again this time around...still 'leng zai' as usual...haha!! :p 

We got there earlier and since there was an empty spot right beside the stage, we decided to juz wait there and not squeeze with other people. I'd rather see them near from the side than squeezing in the middle. We really got a good spot to watch!!

4 of 'em performed 3 songs and also played games with some lucky fans. Too bad WuChun was standing on the other side of the stage most of the time. At least we still got a good glimpse of all of 'em...hehe!! :p

Notice WuChun & Aaron squatting on the stage? Both of 'em kept goin' to the back of the stage to get near the fan and wipe off their sweat. Haha...welcome to Malaysia...we're 'hottt'!! :p

p.s. I wasn't the one screaming...there were many other 'kids' around...haha!!


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~Live Life~ said...

Y'all fans are crazzzzziiieeee....

Anyway, I was part of the craziness...again!