Sunday, May 24, 2009

Leavin' Home...Again!! :(

My UGRAD journey had ended and it's time to get back to reality. I had been enjoying myself so much for the past year...didn't really had to worry about studies at all...that's why itz gonna be even harder for me to get back to the pace of ACCA. 

One year ago, I knew that I was gonna leave for US for this exchange program even before the new semester started. So after my internship & Phuket trip with my family, I came back to college with a completely different feeling....I would say...'stress free'...coz I knew that I was gonna defer my 2nd year anyway. In fact, I could have just went back home and 'goyang kaki' for 2 months but due to my responsibilites in the course, I decided to stay back longer. 

At that time, not many people knew that I was leavin' to I just went to class as usual...did my job as Course Rep...and continued my job as the Chairperson in Financial Accounting Society. Itz always super busy at the beginning of a new semester....especially as a course rep...but since I didn't really have to stress on made things a lil' easier. It also gave me more time to organize the ACCA Student Conference...I'm sure I would have passed out if I had to cope with studies at the same time. This time, I'm finally 'jobless'...itz a good thing least I'll have more time to focus on studies.

Mom & dad accompanied me to move down to KL last weekend...back to the same place I left a year ago. I'm staying at the same apartment...same room...everything felt so familiar. But at the same time...I feel weird...coz everything's gonna be different for me. Back to the same old place...but starting everything from zero again...itz a completely new life for me compared to the first year I came to KL. My roommates had moved back to coursemates are all graduating...I juz feel lonely. :( 

Had some yummy-licious food with mom and dad in KL

Before I came back, mom helped me to settle the rental of my room and also helped me to look for roommates. She has really done a lot for me and I really appreciate it. When I moved outta this house last year, it was still quite clean and neat....but not so after a year. Mom and dad really helped me a lot to clean the house and room, and organized my stuffs over the weekend. It might take me more than a week to do all these alone. Of course I also helped...I'm not the lazy one. :p 

Before: Messy...dusty...dirty

After: All clean and neat...I likey likey!!

All thanks to Mommy & Daddy!!! Muaksss!!!

Mom and Dad took a bus back on Sunday afternoon...I really appreciate everything that they've done for me...thank y'all soooo muchie!!! Love y'all!! My roommates will move in next week so I'm all by myself in the room this week. :( I miss home!!! 

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