Friday, August 17, 2012

Eventful August

Seems like August is always a busy month with something going on almost every weekend...hahaha!! Spent the first weekend in Singapore and was busy with several things last weekend. Here's a short update on what I was up to last week.

10 August 2012 (Fri): Orientation Night
It's the time of the year again to 'officially' welcome the new joiners in our firm. Nope I wasn't orientated this time coz I'd already been through this last year but I was part of the team in charge of planning this event this year. But honestly, I'm a bit paiseh for not being involved much in the planning of the O'nite coz I was away the week before this event. Anyway, kudos to our team for doing a brilliant job!! =D

The 'receptionists'! Momo and Herng made these interesting 'nickname' tags for everyone...and mine was "Superwoman"....hahaha!! 

The emcees for the night....Ah Boy and Momo. Well done guys!!

Some of the interesting things we did to introduce the newbies. (P.S. I've filtered out some photos that are not quite suitable to be made!!)

Group photo of everyone who came and the organizing committees. =)

11 August 2012 (Sat): KL Day Trip
Took the 7.30am bus down to KL and came back on the 8pm bus...10 hours of bus ride and spent RM70 just for a 1.5 hour thing. Yes I'm pretty!! Can't say what we did yet but you'll find out soon...haha!! =P 

Wearing the same outfit, having professional make-up artist...hmm sounds very familiar!! Brings back memories of the CR photoshoot we did back in March. When the sound guy passed me the portable microphone, I knew exactly what to do with it...I've definitely picked up some skills from CR....hahaha!! It's fun to do this kinda thing again after CR!! =D

12 August 2012 (Sun): Grandma's Birthday 

Celebrated grandma's 82nd birthday with da family...Happy Birthday Ah Ma!!! =D Hugsss!! August is also a feasting month...more to come!!! =P

Aight that's all for now...going off to celebrate my bday!! Oh btw...I turn 25 today!!! =P

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zeeyyy said...

Belated happy birthday 2 u & ur bro.