Monday, August 20, 2012

The Amazing Race China Rush 3 Press Conference

15 August 2012 (Wed): The Amazing Race China Rush Season 3 Press Conference
《冲刺! 中国》第三季新闻发布会暨首映礼

The press conference for The Amazing Race China Rush Season 3 was held last Wednesday at STV. We received the invitation from ICS for this event few weeks back but unfortunately, we had to give it a miss due to work commitments. Besides, we're not that rich to fly all the way to Shanghai and take unpaid leave for a 2-hour event...we're not!! Kinda suck that everything is happening in Shanghai while we're stuck here. =.= And because I knew that I couldn't be there, I made a special request for live updates from Jennifer, Henry, Nick and Yvonne. =P All of them did a great job sharing live updates and photos on Weibo. I was so excited reading all the updates and felt like I was there at the press conference too...hahaha!! Here's a quick look at what went down at the TAR CR3 Press Conference...

The event was hosted by Allan Wu and was attended by several press & media, as you can see from all the cameras at the back. =P 

The SUPERSTARS for the show! I was kinda surprised that only 5 of them made it to the press conference coz I was expecting all of them who are in SH to attend. Henry & Jenn looked fantastic!! Lei Sheng travelled 7 hours from Fujian purposely to attend this event!

Introducing the teams!! Thanks to Yvonne for helping to capture all these. =D

After introducing all 11 teams, it was time for a private premier of the 30-minutes version of the first episode. Arghh...I wanna watch it too!! The full version of the first episode (I think it's 1.5 hours) will premier Aug 26 (Sun), 8pm on ICS. 

The Amazing crew working hard behind-the-scenes. =) 

Huge promo billboard at Shanghai TV station's lobby and poster on ICS's website.

Wanna see more about what went down at the press conference?? I've compiled some videos and snapshots of news coverage (in Mandarin & English) from various media below. Enjoy!! =P


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