Saturday, August 25, 2012

Official Team Intros on

Now here's the official version of teams intros on China Rush's website with more pictures of all 11 teams. Before the show starts tomorrow, let's have a quick recap of all the teams for this season so that we can go into the show with a lil' bit of understanding of the contestants!! 

At the meantime, we would greatly appreciate it if you can vote for "Fraternal Twins" or "双胞兄妹" through this link to support us!! Thanks!! =D

Khai Shing 凯馨 (MAS, 25) & Khai Sheng 凯升 (MAS, 25)
Khai Shing and Khai Sheng are fraternal twins from Penang, Malaysia. Being twins, one would think the 25 year-old brother and sister would be alike in every way, but in reality they couldn't be more different. Khai Shing is a fiercely competitive girl whose strength and quick-wits well outweigh her petite size; while Khai Sheng is a more laid-back thinker, often having to reign his sister back. Now living and working in different cities for the first time in their lives, they hope the race will provide a chance to reconnect and experience China for the first time as a team. They are also the first foreign team in China Rush history to use Chinese as their primary language.

Ryan 阮伯克 (USA,26) & Charlie 马景洋(USA,24)
Charlie and Ryan are former Harvard University roommates, originally from Los Angeles and New York respectively. They are an extremely competitive and athletic team; Ryan a hockey and lacrosse player and Charlie a rower and all-around athlete. But they're not just physically strong; their knowledge of the Chinese language and culture is just another weapon in their arsenal. These “Harvard Boys” are the full package; they have the brains, the brawn and the desire to go all the way.

Henry 苏立元 (USA, 33) & Jennifer 刘静雯 (USA, 33)
Henry and Jennifer are newlyweds from the United States, now living in Shanghai for just under a year. Moving to Shanghai for Henry's career was not only a chance to get in touch with their Chinese roots, but also a fresh start for the couple. After being diagnosed and treated for a brain tumor just a few months after their wedding, Jennifer is now dedicated to enjoying life to the fullest. Now, she is seeking new experiences on the race with her husband of 18-months by her side, to prove that they will continue to face any challenge together.

Janelle 万黎 (AUS, 21) & Karin 凯心 (SWE, 23) 
Karin and Janelle are genuine “Shanghai Socialites”. Originally from Sweden and Australia respectively, Karin and Janelle have spent the past year and a half as flatmates and best friends, becoming legends in the Shanghai nightlife. But as much as these two bombshells are alike, they come from quite different backgrounds. While Karin spent most of her four years in Shanghai studying or working full-time, Janelle comes from a privileged background and has lived comfortably on her parents trust-fund – until now. After the race both Karin and Janelle will return to their own countries and start new lives. China Rush may be their last shot for an adventure together in China. 

Nick 尼克(SCOT, 30) & Brandon 李之盛 (USA, 27)
Nick and Brandon are Shanghai-based next-door neighbors from Scotland and the United States respectively. Brought together by their like-minded senses of humor and close-proximity to one another, the close friends decided to further cement their bond by starting a Shanghai tour company together last year. But months before that they already shared a dream. Having just missed the application cut off for the previous season of China Rush, Nick and Brandon have been training for a year with one goal in mind: to win at any cost.

Rob 罗伯特 (CAN, 42) & Jia Jia 郝为加 (CHN/CHENGDU, 30)
Rob and Jiajia may look like the “odd couple”, but they have an irresistible zest for life that you can't help but love. These Chengdu-based friends of over 10 ten years come from opposite sides of the planet and have an age difference of over 12 years, but nonetheless were united by their passion for animals and being different from the norm. Rob, a former member of the Canadian army, currently owns and operates an Emu farm; while Jiajia is a professional Ping-Pong coach and volunteer animal protection enthusiast.

Xiao Bing 鞠翔成 (CHN/LIAONING, 30) & Xiao Bang 孙怀龙 (CHN/LIAONING, 22)
Ju Xiancheng and Sun Huailong, or “Xiao Bing” and “Xiao Bang” as they prefer to be called, are first cousins and street-side barbeque salesmen from Liaoning province. Their unique and entertaining style of singing and dancing while barbequing their skewers first gained national fame on the second season of China's Got Talent. Now they've brought their talents to a different kind of reality competition and are proving they are more than just “BBQ Boys”.

Yu Ping 俞萍 (CHN/SHANGHAI, 46) & Yu Chenjing 俞辰静 (CHN/SHANGHAI, 22)
Yu Ping and Yu Chenjing are an a-typical Shanghainese father and daughter. Risk-taking business investor, Yu Ping, is this season's oldest contestant; but what he lacks in youth, he makes up for in energy. A passionate drag-racer and extreme sports enthusiast, this outgoing father hopes the race will give his sheltered daughter some memorable experiences of her own. Yu Chenjing is also looking to experience some excitement before graduating university and entering the work-force, not to mention getting closer with her one-of-a-kind father.

Li Yang 李洋 (CHN/DALIAN, 27) & Zhang Yelin 张业林 (CHN/DALIAN, 27)
Li Yang and Zhang Yelin are a post-80's generation dating couple from Dalian, Liaoning Province. Although they began dating in university many years ago, they have waited to get married in the hopes of Zhang Yelin, a private car driver, being able to prove himself worthy in Li Yang's parents' eyes. They plan to wed soon, but have not made it official yet. They hope that through China Rush they can show Li Yang's parents once and for all that they are a strong couple that can take care of each other under any circumstances.

 Christine 童尹恩 (CHN/TAIWAN, 23) & Steven 赵睿乔 (CHN/TAIWAN, 24) 
Christine and Steven are professional models and television hosts from Taipei. Having met in a “star-training” school 3 years ago, they have maintained a close and supportive friendship both on and off the camera. Now they are looking for one last great experience together before Steven leaves for the military. It will be a test for their friendship and themselves. Christine especially wants to push herself to new levels and face her many fears, while Steven is hoping to find strengths he may have never known he had.

Lei Sheng (CHN/XI’AN, 40) 雷声 & Liu Weiwei 刘伟伟 (CHN/SHANDONG, 30)
Lei Sheng and Liu Weiwei are professional outdoor experience trainers based in Shanghai, but originally hailing from Shanxi and Shandong provinces respectively. Being 10 years younger, Liu Weiwei looks to Lei Sheng as a teacher and mentor. Liu Weiwei comes from the countryside and, before the race, had never so much as flown in an airplane; but his military background and eagerness to learn make him a fierce competitor. While Lei Sheng comes from the bigger city of Xi'an and is looking to prove that they are more than a couple of jocks. They think have the strength, smarts and passion to win.


zeeyyy said...

Aiyah very difficult to watch the live streaming - it breaks & breaks...

Khai Shing said...

Yea I know...that's why I decided not to watch it live and just paused it and went for badminton instead. I'm pretty sure someone will upload on youtube soon so we'll definitely share the link then. =P

zeeyyy said...

Watching it at 730 this morning was a breeze - no breaks at all!

You wrote that your team was asked to speak in Mandarin but it was clear that your bro was speaking in English, even Alan spoke to you in English!

Why did Sheng asked you to do the monkey swing? Were you in Girl Guides/Scouts as this was more of a man's thing?

But Henry did struggle...

Khai Shing said...

Hahaha...I was watching it at 2am last night!! Yup we were actually supposed to speak in mandarin but coz our cameraman was an Australian and they did mention before the race that we can speak either English or Mandarin in the race so we used English most of the time at the beginning. =.= Even Allan was confused as to which language to use with us at the! =P I guess that's why we had very little airtime for the first episode.

By reading the brief clue, we thought the roadblock would actually involve real swinging around and would require upper body strength. I would be the better one to do this but I'm afraid of monkeys so I hesitated but bro just asked me to do it. When we saw the actual challenge, we were glad I was the one to do it coz I'm better than my bro in these kinda technical stuffs. Luckily we managed to catch up some. =P He's more of a!! Indeed, Janelle and I were the only females to do this task. =P

zeeyyy said...

Bravo 2 galpower!

Was surprised as your cameraman was an Australian as I thot they would use a local guy.

When Henry said to his taxi driver whether the driver prefers a foreign team winning the race or a Chinese team, I was laughing as Henry & his missus are foreigners too! & karma did bite him... LOL...

Khai Shing said...

Yea you would be surprised that quite a lot of the cameramen were foreigners from US, Aus, UK, Germany, etc. =P Haha the foreigner vs Chinese tool was heavily used last season but it does help in some way I guess. =P Good 'strategy' they went from first to last...lotsa airtime for them...hahaha!!

zeeyyy said...

Khai Shing, my fellow posters at,27781.0.html were wondering if JiaJia is a man or woman. From the photos, I posted her as a woman. Who's right then?


Khai Shing said...

You're correct...'She/Her' is correct. =)

Unknown said...

Actually, our mother tongue is Chinese, but we do alternate with English =P

"By reading the brief clue, we thought the roadblock would actually involve real swinging around and would require upper body strength. I would be the better one to do this"
(Ahem, I have better upper body strength, ok? It's just that you will be better at swinging because you have better balancing/lighter =P)

"but I'm afraid of monkeys so I hesitated but bro just asked me to do it."
(Yes, you are afraid of monkeys! hahaha)

"When we saw the actual challenge, we were glad I was the one to do it coz I'm better than my bro in these kinda technical stuffs. "
(This is somewhat true...technical? hmmm...maybe stuff that needs to care about details, you are better, sis)

"Luckily we managed to catch up some. =P"
(Yea, you are good at that =P)

zeeyyy said...

Penang Kia speaks Hokkein, Mandarin, Malay, English and maybe, some Thai! Imagine if you 2 spoke a mixture of the above on the race - the director'll probably go "huh?".