Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Journey to the Amazing Race 冲刺之旅 - Pre-Race

Counting down 4 days to the premier of the third season of China Rush...I'm so excited!! =D After 5 months of 'Amazing Wait', I can finally share some of our pre-race photos. Honestly, I've got quite a short-term memory so I've actually kept a log for our entire Amazing Race journey. =P Yes I know I'm a bit obsessed about this but c'mon this was a once-in-a-lifetime experience, of course I wanna try my best to cherish all these memories la! 

I'm not sure if I've mentioned on my blog before, bro and I had to shorten our Japan trip for 2 days, forfeited our return ticket, and bought another ticket to Shanghai to prepare for this Race. Well...prepare as in getting our driver's license done, shop for race clothes, do the shooting for opening sequence and team intros, do the photoshoot, attend contestant briefing, etc. Sounds like we did a lot of things but apart from all these, we spent most of our time bumming in our window-less hotel (aka the 'redbox') surfing the net and watching TV ...and having 'nightmares' about the!! 
Our 'redbox'!!! I was so bored that I got almost 10 packets of sewing kits from the reception and started sewing my race!! 

We were so excited when we got our brand new backpacks from production team!! Blue is cool!! =P Put my camera to good use before I surrendered it the day before our race started. We were so bored and efficient that we packed our bags right!!

Different angles of our backpacks. We even googled and youtubed how to adjust the straps on our backpacks to find the most comfortable position...haha!! It was my first time using such a big backpack and I loved it even though it was kinda heavy...haha!! =) 

Obviously, we were both over-excited with our new 'toys' and was running around our hotel room with our backpacks...haha!! I also taught bro the best way to carry 2 bags just in case I didn't have energy to carry!!

By the way, the official website for China Rush have been updated and I'll share some photos in the next post. Stay tuned for more stories on our Amazing journey!! =D At the meantime, appreciate if you can vote for "Fraternal Twins" or "双胞兄妹" through this link to support us!! Thanks!! =D


Unknown said...

Definitely a once-in-a-lifetime experience... =) Nice post...keep'em coming!

zeeyyy said...

Just like your fellow Penangite, DLCW, did us proud with his performance @ the Olympics, it's your turn now... the world is watching, Malaysians are watching...

Khai Shing said...

Hahaha...DLCW's achievement is a big shoe to fill...we're happy just to be able to be part of the race!! =P

zeeyyy said...

Big shoes or not, it's your turn in the limelight - "AGE QUOD AGIS"



that's from my school motto!