Sunday, December 20, 2009

Before School Starts

A quick update of my 4 days' short break. Didn't do much these couple of days...juz lazed at home getting some rest before another hectic semester.

Received a surprise a day after finishing exam. A delivery lady knocked on our house door at noon and my grandaunt opened the door. That lady said she's delivering flowers...but didn't say to whom. And so my 'blur-blur' grandaunt said nobody ordered flowers here...then told that lady that perhaps she found the wrong door...haha! Then I saw my name on the delivery note...all confusion grandaunt is so funny!

I'm not a huge fan of flowers...coz they don't last long. But I LOVE these pretty pink roses and the teddy bear! Thanks Mr D.A.C.!!

5 years after high school graduation...5C1 steamboat gathering at Yen Shin's house. Had a great night with all the gals -- YenShin, HooiSan, GaikJoo, PhaikSan, GengQian, Zoe, Doris, ChiaHoey, YingHui, SowKoon, LeeSee, NenSin, and ME!! =)


Anonymous said...

Nice blog with amazing the picture. Must appreciate the picture of floral arrangement and bear.

~Live Life~ said...

Hehe...sweet hor?

Din get to see it though...