Thursday, December 31, 2009

BitterSweet 2009

Few more minutes to go and we'll be saying goodbye to 2009 & welcome 2010!! I can't believe that one year had actually passed doesn't seem that long ago when we were counting down for 2009 at New York! Unlike last year, New Year's eve this year is gonna be so quiet coz I'm goin' nowhere. =.=

And so, it's the time of the year again for us to look back at the past year and start making New Year's resolutions. As for me, 2009 had been a bittersweet year...or should I say...'sweetbitter'. First half of the year was sweeeeettt coz I was still in the States...second half of the year was bitter coz it was all about 'stu-dying'.

(: Sweet :)
Traveled quite a good bit as well this year:

Apart from all these, I've had a wonderful Spring semester in UAH with all my friends...had lotsa sweet memories with my boo...and it was great coming home to my family!! :-)

): Bitter :(
  • Was 'lucky' to get an infection and had to go for a minor operation while I was in the US. The medical bill of $2,000 almost freaked me out...luckily the insurance company settled it.
  • Had to say goodbye to my lovely UAH friends whom I may never meet again in the future.
  • Bidding goodbye at Huntsville airport was really know what I mean.
  • Coming back to TARC for final year was a huge contrast to my life in the States...tough, stressful, tired, boring...and on top of that, disappointment. Well, I know I shouldn't be complaining about study life, especially after seeing my friends who have started working. It's actually a luxury to be able to study full time...guess I should enjoy my last 6 months being a student.
As for New Year's resolution, I don't believe in it and I've never set my resolutions. How many people stick to their new year resolutions anyway? Life is ongoing and I just try to live my life to the fullest everyday, do what I wanna do and be who I wanna be. We don't have to wait for the 31st to start thinking what we want in life right?

We should reflect upon life to find happiness and meaning now, not next month or next year. Many people get so caught up in looking for what they didn't have that they seldom appreciated what they did have. So, do the reverse New Year's resolution. Look ahead, but also remember to look behind. Know that you need to be happy now, to enjoy your friends and family, and to follow your dreams.

Hope that 2010 will be a greater year ahead!! :)

Happy New Year 2010!!!


~Live Life~ said...

Hmm...going back to TARC considered bitter...haha...

Anyway...the first part really sweeter la...

I'm going to prove you wrong...coz I'm going to stick to my resolutions...

Well, it depends on's good if you have always a consistent and clear target to strive and move forward...

But, listing them down and letting others could add some motivation and gain some support + pressure from others as another force to help us achieve them...

I always have a lot of restarts in my life...haha...that suits me...=P

Happy New Year to my dearest sis!

Acytoh said...

Good post .. now you make me feel want to write one for myself : )