Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I'm back to my long-abandoned blog AGAIN!! I'm such a 'seasonal' blogger...haha!! :p So what have I been up to since my last post? Nothing much daily routine had been extremely monotonous...spent most of my time studying for exams. :(

After dreading for 2 freakin' months...exam is finally OVER today!! least for now...coz college starts next week! =.= Honestly, I'm not too confident with this exam...but at least I've tried my just hoping that things will turn out right.

I'm not in the mood to type much now...not after writing non-stop for 3.5 hours for the past 3 days!! I'm a lil' sore from the extensive amount of writing...ahhh!!

Had 3 weeks of revision classes before our 2 months' study break
4 of us with our 'S'es
Went on a 'field-trip' around the college hunting for lecture hall

It had been a great semester with 'em

Met up with Don Michael at Grand Dorsett Hotel when he came over here from Philippines for a conference. It was great meeting him again after bidding goodbye last May in Huntsville!

Oct 25: Mom & dad came over to accompany me to drive back to Penang for my 2 mths' break. Stopped by Kajang for satay with bro before hitting the road.

'Quarantined' in my room for 2 freakin' mths to study this whole luggage of books...yea...ACCA!! =.=

Nov 4: Met up with YanYi, YunWan, & PeiZhi at Queensbay.

Watched 'This Is It' with mom. I don't even rmb when was the last time we watched a movie together...haha!! This movie is really a great gift for all his fans who didn't get to watch this concert that would have been spectacular. I'm not a huge fan of MJ but his songs are great. One of my favorite songs is 'The Way You Make Me Feel'...because of this movie clip...

Nov 17: Had seafood at Tambun to celebrate Mom's birthday

Took some pics of the river while waiting for our food to be served.

Happy Birthday Mommy!! =)

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