Friday, February 26, 2010


Was 'busy' watching this show last few days...finished all 28 episodes within 3 days...whoops! This is one thing bad about watching dramas...once I start I can't stop. :p That's why I have to be 'selective' in choosing which to watch...haha! Obviously, I was attracted to this show mainly bcoz of JerryYan & Ella...the storyline was secondary. JerryYan is one of my favorite artists, been following his dramas since meteor garden...the recent ones like HotShot and Starlit are pretty nice too. =) Anyway, 'Down With Love' is also a romantic comedy...quite nice and sweet...the most important thing for me is still the 'em! =) These kinda shows are usually for ppl to nice would it be if 'fairytale' like this can happen in real life...haha! =)