Sunday, August 8, 2010


Aug 2 (Mon): Manchester City Center & Old Trafford
6 of us made a trip to Manchester last Monday...booked our train tickets a month earlier so got it pretty cheap. :) So what do you know about Manchester? I'm sure most people will answer...Manchester United!! Yup...and that's the main reason for my visit this time around. Well, I'm not a football fan but MU is like one of the biggest thing in UK...of course I wouldn't wanna miss it. :p

Manchester Piccadilly train station...the journey was bout an hour from Sheffield by train.

Manchester Arndale shopping mall in the city center. As I mentioned before, there's a wheel in every city.

Random pics around the city center

Had our lunch at this chinese buffet place...I made that ice-cream...hehe!

Old Trafford!!

Visited the museum before the stadium usual I was just busy taking pictures. :p

Old Trafford stadium miniature

Many many 'ang ang' jerseys

Not a fan of 'em but very kiasu-fied...everything also must take picture. :p

David Beckham!!!! Yea I'm a Beckham'll 'see' it as you scroll down further...haha!!

More trophies

I spotted something on this wall...hehe...Beckham again! :p

Surprisingly they had such a huge posted of their 2009 Asia tour...especially the match against Malaysia.

I was basically just 'hunting' for Beckham's name all over the museum. :p


Ryan Giggs...lotsa exhibits.


Wowww!!! Lousy editing I know. :p

Our stadium tour

Munich Tunnel to commemorate the Munich Air Disaster in 1958 that killed 8 players.

The players lounge where they hang out before and after a match. I reckon this was where Beckham and Victoria met. :)

The players changing room...this is not the real one though...just for visitors.

The tunnel where the players run out from. They said 'Don't touch the grass' but look at what JR is doing. =.=

Feel the!

The Megastore...lots and lots of MU merchandise.

My souvenirs!! :)

End of our Manchester trip :)


didi as in Dee - Dee said...

wow..this is nice, khai shing=)

~Live Life~ said...

Nice really took a lot of pictures la wei...haha!

so proud of your ice cream??

y suddenly got ryan giggs? u like him too???

yea...ur editing is a lil bit of...but how u combined that three pics quite geng d...

Beckhamaniac you are.. said...

WY: Thanksss!! :)

Pictures video I ham-pa-lang take...kiasu ma...haha!! I take for you all to see no good meh. :p

Me no likey ryan giggs...i was too free so juz simply take pics. That stupid ticket lady la...we arrived 4pm had to wait til 5.30 only start our tour instead of 4.30...dumb dumb.

Those pics I ter-edited the colors b4 combining with powerpoint...that's why not same tone warna.

Yes me likey Beckham...hahaha!! :p

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