Monday, August 16, 2010

Weekend in Cardiff - Day 1

Arghhh...been busy busy busy since I got back from Cardiff last Monday. Tonnes of ASSignments piling up for the next 3 weeks. :( I've been sitting in front of the computer for the past few days looking up info about the newspaper industry here and cracking my head for the report. Group assignments here are just dumb. =.= I'm seriously getting tired of this summer course...can't wait to get it over with. Been wanting to update about my Cardiff & Bath trip but couldn't find time to work on the gonna split this trip into 3 posts.

Aug 7 (Sat): Visiting uncle in Cardiff (Croeso i Caerdydd!!)
We're having directed learning week and had some free time so thought about visiting uncle for a few days. :) WeyShin also tagged along for this trip. Finished our corporate finance test on fri then took a night train from Sheffield to Cardiff. The normal train usually takes about 3-4 hours only but our journey took 10 hours...haha!! Yes...we're poor students so took the cheapest train (£15) instead of spending £32 or £74. Saved at least £17=RM85...that's a lot of money ok. :p

Our looong journey with 2 stopovers in Stockport(40min) & Crewe(4.5hours). I was so 'smart' to bring only one jacket...and it was coldddd!! My zombie look at 5am. :p

Woohoo...finally arrived Cardiff at 8am!! Uncle came to the station to pick us up and Denise prepared yummylicous English b'fast for us. :)

Started exploring Cardiff with our 'tour guides'...uncle & Denise. :) First stop...Cardiff Bay. Oh btw...I didn't know Cardiff was part of Wales until I saw all the weird language (Welsh) in every signboards...yes i'm blur.

Clockwise: The Pierhead Building, The Senedd/National Assembly building, Wales Millenium Centre, Roald Dahl Plass.

Took Cardiff Waterbus from Cardiff Bay to Penarth. Weather was gloomy so couldn't get nicer pics.

Penarth is a town and seaside resort southwest of Cardiff.

Cardiff Bay Barrage...this was pretty interesting for me coz I've never seen anything like this before...quite 'sam pat' right...hehe! :p

This is how the barrage works

There was a 'fishing & no fishing' sign...the guy in the first pic really follows instruction and put his rod right next to that yellow line.

Finally the sky is clear and Mermaid Quay becomes more lively. :)

Our next stop: St Fagans National History museum of Welsh Life.

Lotsa traditional buildings & exhibits...explores how people in Wales have lived, worked, and spent their leisure time long long time ago.

Piggy & sheeps!!

Rhyd-y-Car Ironworkers' Houses: Travel through time as you see six homes, their contents and gardens change from 1805-1985.

Lotsa greeneries

Lotsa parents brought their kids to the museum...shows how much they appreciate their heritage and traditions. :)

Had our late lunch at this pub...yummy! Thanks uncle for the treat! :)

Last stop for the day: Roath Park & Lake. So many swans, ducks, geese, and seagulls...lotsa poop everywhere also...hehe!! :p

Swans in the lake = Swan!

Nice scenery! :)

The Scott Memorial clock...the real one and the one made from flowers.

Thanks uncle and Denise for accompanying us around Cardiff for the whole day!!! :)

Roath Botanical Gardens...i'm not a big fan of flowers. :p

Uncle's boss...YC gave us a dinner treat at his restaurant. :) Had a good time chatting with them...we talked bout badminton, politics, education, etc...he probably knows much more bout what's going on in M'sia than I do...haha!! :p

More yummy-licious food! :)

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