Sunday, August 1, 2010

Volunteering...Back to Sheffield's History

July 29 (Wed): Kelham Island Volunteering Project

I'd better update this asap coz it's gonna be another busy week ahead. Going to Manchester tomorrow, Corporate Finance test on Friday, and will be going to Cardiff & Bath over the weekend. Lotsa assignments to work on as well...arghh!! =.=

Joined Hallam Volunteering for this volunteering project at Kelham Island Museum last week. Wanted to see what volunteering is like over here in the UK and also get some ideas for community projects when I get back to M'sia. :)

This museum is an industrial museum that houses exhibitions about Sheffield steel industry. We got to spend an afternoon discovering the museum with some local elderly people and learn about Sheffield's industrial past through the exhibits. :)

All volunteers gathered at the a nice blue t-shirt (like UAH) & a cute pen. :)

This whole bunch of 'blue' volunteers walked about 20 minutes to get to the museum. :p

Arrived our destination...Kelham Island Museum!

The River Don steam engine...built in 1905...still working after more than 100 years!

Watched the demo of the steam engine

Ernest & Irene shared about their experiences working in the steel industry when they were young...lotsa hard work I bet. They were so excited to share about their '想当年' stories...we asked 'em lotsa questions as well. :p

Hehe...this lady looks so happy! And that's the great thing about volunteering...just spending some of our time with these elderly people is already enough to put a smile on them!! :)

Sharing about their '想当年' stories....

This lady was explaining to us how Sheffield's steel industry has evolved from the Victorian days to the 50s till now. This was how buffer girls used to dress during the 50s.

Messing around with the buffers & knife sharpeners (not too sure if I'm using the right word to describe). :p

Demo on how to sharpen a knife. Ernest said he takes bout 10 minutes to sharpen one...I think it'll take forever for me to sharpen one.

Ex-army ammunition bag, mashing can for tea, bowler hat, wooden clogs, sweat rag...that's all people bring and wear to work in those days.

Some random exhibits

WeyShin with some funny ideas of course...haha! :p

Credits to QiRen for the 3 pics on the right. :)

Thanks to Melanie & Julia for organizing this. :)

Some refreshment before we leave the museum.

Group photo!! Cheers!!!

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~Live Life~ said... this consider volunteering? the only volunteering aspect is just talking to the elderly...more like a trip for you all...=P