Saturday, July 31, 2010

TARC 'bosses' visit Sheffield

July 28 (Wed): TARC delegates reception & Hallam Special Achievement Scholarship

This was another event that took place last week. Tan Sri Ong Ka Ting, Dr Tan (TARC Principal), and Mr Chan (Vice Principal) came over to our university...yup...all the way from Malaysia to UK. All course reps were invited to this reception. They also took this opportunity to present the prizes for the Summer Blogging Competition and Hallam Special Achievement Scholarship Award. :) 

Josh, Shal, WeyShin, & I attended this reception together. The top left pic turned out very wrong...hmm...J & S? :p

The VIP for the day...Tan Sri Ong Ka Ting

Play this if you're interested to listen to his speech

Taadaaaa...this was the great news that I received last Thurs!! :) So glad to receive this scholarship...thanks to the university!! Yeah can save £300 for my parents! :p Convert to RM...this is a lot of moolah! This is definitely a great encouragement for me to achieve more in the future. :) Here are some of the things that I've done over the last few years. 

There are 3 recipients this year...another guy left earlier so only the 2 of us took pic with Tan Sri.

As we were leaving, we saw the principal recording a video I guess.

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