Friday, July 16, 2010

Couchsurfers Dayout

Continuing with my 'ang-moh-tized' weekend post... Apart from the tea party, we also spent the entire Sunday with some couchsurfers here in Sheffield. "CouchSurfing" is a pretty cool network that brings people who enjoy travelling if you wanna know more. :)

One of the CSer, Valeria organized a 'sunday badminton' at Endcliffe Park so we decided to meet up with her and get to know some people in Sheffield. We weren't familiar with places here & had no idea where the park was...only passed by on our way to the tea party the day before. So here comes Google map to the rescue...

My version of GPS/Google map...old school huh?? Works well least we managed to find our way to the park...haha!! :p

According to google takes about 40 minutes to walk from our dorm to the park. Very accurate indeed...oh I love google map! :)

So we walked...and walked...and walked. Ecclesall road was looong!! The lower left pic is another part of Sheffield Hallam Uni. But I must say this part of the town is really more happening with more shops as compared to Charlotte.

And we finally made it to the park...woohooo!!! :) Everyone was out in the park enjoying the sun & wind, playing all sorts of sports.

There were ppl picnicking, playing rounders, cricket, football, kite, etc...definitely a great place to spend a relaxing Sunday. :)

These group of people were playing with water balloons...they really came well-equipped. :)

Valeria brought a badminton net but our badminton plan totally failed coz it was soooo windy!! So we ended up chatting, played football & rounders instead. There were more than 10 CSers who came...Valeria (Italian), Joe (German), Chris & Anna (British), Harry (India), etc. Valeria was such a funny & nice person...she was telling us about how relaxing life in Italy is...people usually take 3 hours lunch break to go to the beach...are u serious???

Anna brought a rounders set...but 3 of us totally had no idea how to play this...not even sure how baseball game works. =.= So they spent 5 minutes explaining to us and we started playing. Trust me...I was blur 90% of the time not knowing what to do. I was kicked out of the game even before I managed to figure out how to play the game...and I didn't even know I was out already...haha!! Anyway, it was still fun...especially watching Josh play...haha!! :p

Chris also invited us to his place to watch the World Cup finals with his friends. Saw a newly wed couple as we were walking!

It was pretty cool to watch the WC finals with some locals. Can't believe 13 of us managed to squeeze into this cozy lil' living room. :) Chris & his friends were supporting Holland...that's why there were no cheering in this vid when Spain scored. Well...Holland the number of yellow cards...haha!! :p

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