Thursday, July 15, 2010

Traditional English Tea Party

10 July 2010: Garden Tea Party @ Whirlow, Sheffield

Had an eventful weekend last week! :) Nope not shopping, not travelling...this was even better...a truly 'British' party! As the 'modified' saying goes, "When in Britain, do as the British do". And don't get me wrong...this 'party' was not the one with booze...this one really served tea...perfect for 'old' people like me...haha! :p

We were very lucky that the community here in Sheffield actually organizes such event once a year during summer for international students. It's really rare that we'll get the chance to experience a traditional English tea party with cream scones & strawberries, traditional English game, meet really nice local people and other international students at such a lovely place. Best of all, it was for FREE! :)

See what I meant by 'very nice local people'? They used their own cars & van to pick us up from the uni. They were expecting about 50 students but I'm sure there were much more than that. You know how 'kiasu-fied' tarcians are right...haha!!

3 of us followed Julie's car and of course I was a happy passenger coz she had 2 adorable kids...Abbey & Isaac! :) Julie & Danna (Romanian girl) were also very friendly and we chatted some along the way.

On our way to the 'very posh' part of Sheffield...Whirlow. This part of Sheffield is definitely much nicer with lotsa big houses and nice gardens. :) That was the house that we went to (lower right pic).

Taadaaa...the big group of Tarcians have arrived!! It's extremely easy to identify tarcians...if you see people rolling or sleeping on the grass (illustrated in 2 bottom pics), you can be 100% sure that they are tarcians. ;) I guess UK grasses are 'cleaner' than M'sia grasses??

Chatting with the locals. Such a beautiful garden right??

Then I was 'distracted' by these cuties...haha! :p

Wonderful weather + nice people + good food + cute kids + interesting games + dog that wants to play chess = AWESOMENESS!!! =)

An afternoon well spent. Some ppl were playing cricket and croquet while I became friends with the kiddos...hehe!

I'm back in action with more jumpshots...yea I know I'm crazieee. :p

Sincere thanks to everyone who made this tea party possible...really appreciate it!! :)

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