Friday, July 23, 2010

The 4th Runner

I'm now in the library waiting to catch my coach to London at 2pm...just finished my presentation...losing my voice coz talked too much just now...haha! :p Been busy preparing for assignment all week, finally get to relax a bit so thought about blogging something. :)

So what about "the 4th runner"? This word randomly came across my mind yesterday and immediately reminds me of the video below. I'm referring to 4th runner in a relay race...not 4th runner-up. :p Found this explanation on google..."The most popular strategy for running a successful relay race is running your best runner last...this strategy of saving your best runner for last is used mostly because that runner will know what they have to do in order to win the race by the time they receive the baton".

This was 10 years ago...don't think many ppl can recognize me here. I was the 4th runner for Red team. :)

You don't have to be an athlete to be a 4th fact, this 4th runner role applies to many aspects of life...especially when you're working in a team or with a group of people. There's always someone who'll take this ask yourself...are you a 4th runner in life??

Looking back, I realized that I've been very lucky to be given a lot of opportunities to play this role over the years. No don't get me wrong, that doesn't mean that I'm the best. 'Best' is a very subjective thing and it depends entirely on who you're comparing yourself to & the environment that you've been put into.

I'm not sure if this has anything to do with being a Leo...or is it just the typical 'kiasu' attitude...I usually find myself playing the role of 4th runner in relay races, assignments, groupwork, team projects, etc. In every small circle of people...there's always a 4th runner...and apparently, my flatmates are all 4th runners as well. ;)

Some ppl may say that we're 'kiasu'...and yes I admit that I'm 'kiasu' to a certain extent but not to the extent of "accumulating too much food on one's plate during a buffet lunch in case there is no more later"(wikipedia). Lol! I think the better word to describe is 'competitive'...this attitude is actually good coz it helps us to achieve more & keep learning in life. The more I do, the more I learn...that's why I don't mind giving people a free ride (you know what I mean). :p I'm open to ideas and suggestions...and I know a lot of people are not dumb...the question is have you tried your best?

So what's your view about being a 4th runner or kiasu?

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