Monday, October 18, 2010

Italy - Pisa & Florence

I'm in Manchester airport right now...only got 30 minutes to online so hopefully I can finish updating this post. :p Flight is at 9pm so I've still got few hours to kill.

Oct 7 (Fri): Pisa & Florence
So after spending 5 days in France...our next country was Italie!! Honestly, I don't really have much interest in I wasn't paying attention to the tour guide for most of the places that we visited in Italy...just busy taking!!

First stop...The leaning tower of Pisa! Nothing much to see here...1 hour 'gao dim'!! :p

Second stop for the day...Firenze (Florence)!!! Only had a 2-hours walking tour here.

Wasn't listening to the tour guide so dunno the name of this building. :p

Random things along the way

This is pretty cool!!


Sunset in Florence

Stayed in a cabin at a campsite in Florence for one night...not too bad but it was super small...haha! 

Dinner time!! usual...welcome to Italy. :p

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