Saturday, October 23, 2010

Watery Venice

Oct 10 (Sun): Venice...City of Water
Venice was our last destination in Italy. Personally, I think Venice is quite a unique and special city as compared to all the cities that I've been to. The city is built on 117 small islands in the Venetian Lagoon...that explains why it is surrounded by water. No cars are allowed on the islands so you can either take a boat or walk. Another interesting thing that I didn't notice until our tour guide pointed out to us was that Venice looks like the shape of a fish on the map. :)

We arrived Venice around 3pm so the first day was kinda easy...only had a 3-hour walking tour in the evening until the sky turned dark. We had another free day to explore the city ourselves...wanted to get back earlier and get some rest but mission failed coz we keep getting lost in Venice...just like everyone else! :p

Alright...picture time! Scroll down to the end to see flooded! :p

Started our walking tour at Piazzale Roma. So cool to see water & boats everywhere!

Lots of narrow canals & streets...problem is they looked the same everywhere!! Tell me how not to get lost lar??

Venice is also called City of Masks coz there are so many shops selling masks! Venice is also famous for Venetian glass made in Murano but I didn't take the boat to Murano coz I'm poor! :p

Lots of souvenir shops and boutiques as we were approaching Rialto Bridge.

Dusk...view from Rialto Bridge. 

Piazza San Marco looks beautiful at dusk. The bottom right picture is San Giorgio Maggiore Island.

Oct 11 (Mon): Lost in Venice

Beautiful day in Venice for us to walk around on foot. Went back to most of the places that we visited the day before to get some day pics. Had my one and only gelato in Italy. :)

The city may look lively during the day but it can be quite scary at night when it's deserted, quiet, and dark. :p

Random pics

Rialto Bridge during the day.

Oh's flooding!! 

Of course I can't miss taking pictures of gondolas and gondolier! We have traffic jam but they have 'gondola jam'!!

Flooding at Piazza San Marco!! I thought this was pretty fascinating!! Water was entering the shops as well but this is very common for them every morning becoz of the high tide. There were even platforms for people to walk across the square. I've got a video of this scene. :p

This was funny! :) The little boy is so adorable...haha!! That man actually took off his Prada shoes and walked in the!! :p

The square was flooded with 2 things...water &!! :p

Welcome to Venice! :)

Went back to St Mark's basin for the 2nd time.

This was where we stayed for 2 nights in Venice...Camping Alba D'oro.

We stayed in a chalet...not tent...hehe! :p This was pretty similar to the one we stayed in Rome but was a bit smaller. Our 'chalet-mates' were Caroline & Chance from US.

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