Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Sept 29 (Wed): Our initial plan was to take a morning bus from Barca to Valencia on the 29th but when we went to ask about the tickets…the ticket seller happily said that there won’t be any buses running because of the strike…so we decided to take the safer option and head down to Valencia the night before. Can’t afford to miss our morning flight on the 30th back to Bristol.

Arrived Valencia at 2.30am…luckily the hostel allowed us to drop in earlier and spend the night in their lounge before we can check-in the next morning. =) 

I was a lil’ worn out already by the time we reached Valencia and wasn’t really in the mood to do much…so we headed straight to the place that I wanted to go…Palau de les Arts.

It was strike day so most public transports were not running…so we decided to walk about an hour to get to our destination from the hostel. We got lost several times along the way coz the map wasn’t clear so ended up asking several ‘Policia’. There were quite a lot of ‘lengzai’ Policia everywhere coz of the strike…lol!! 

The protestors on one side with red flags while the Policia on the other side…very interesting experience…lol!! Luckily the situation in Valencia wasn’t as bad as in Barcelona.

Oh I haven’t mention earlier…language barrier was quite a problem in Spain coz not many people speak English…so we were like duck & chicken talking…haha!! Hola & gracias were the only 2 Spanish words that I knew. :p So I could only ask the police 3 questions:
Q1. Do you speak English? “A little”
Q2. Where are we now? (He looks at our map trying to show us where we were)
Q3. How do I go to Palau de les Arts? (He tries to show us on the map again…left, right, straight)

Walked along a huge garden to avoid the sun.

Finally we see this helmet!!! Oh yeahhh!!!

This modern state-of-the-art building in the middle of the old city makes it stand out even more…very nice! =) 

Time for more camwhoring.

Beautiful weather for pictures but I guess it’s pretty obvious that I got a tan here yea. :p One advice, never wear shades under this kinda weather…or else you’ll become batman. 

Then we saw people shooting a scene there. It was just a simple scene and they repeated for dunno how many times…reversing the car over and over again.

We didn’t know it would be that hot so I wore track pants and brought 2 sweaters…other people were wearing sleeveless and shorts…stupid us didn’t check the weather before coming out…30 degrees celcius?!?! Almost pengsan when we were walking back.

We stayed in Home Backpackers hostel…quite nice. The interesting thing was that the washroom was unisex…so it was a lil’ weird when a guy walked into the washroom in his tight boxers while I was brushing my teeth…lol!

Alright…that’s all for our 5-days Espana trip…some ups and downs along the way but overall it was quite a good trip with some new experiences. 

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